How do I get more points?

When you register your account, you receive a fixed amount of 50 points. Above that, you are entitled to an additional 5 points for confirming your email and 5 points every day you login to Brianly (for the first time that day). 

But there is an even better way to earn points! Answering questions! Some are even valued at 50 points. Every time you post  a good answer, you will receive 50% of what the person who posted the question decided to spend for asking. Write a particularly awesome answer and you might also be awarded the Brainliest Answer - giving you an additional 25% of the points pool!

Moderators also receive 5 points per moderation action performed, like deleting bad content, asking for a correction, or approving a question, an answer, or a comment that was reported and reviewed.

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