How many points does someone receive when they answer my question?

No matter how many points you use for a question, each person who answers will receive only half of that amount. If you choose one answer as the Brainliest Answer, that users get an additional 25% of the point pool as a reward. And, to thank you for giving feedback on your answers, you will get 25% of your points back as a reward.

Let’s illustrate this with the following example. The user Sippi posts the question “A car of mass....?”. He allocates 8 points to this question.  Jahnvi 97 and SweetSussy both answer her question. This means that both Jahnvi 97 and SweetSussy will receive 4 points each. Sippi then decides to award the Brainliest Answer to SweetSussy, who gets 2 points as a reward (25% of the original). Sippi will also get 2 points back for having picked the Brainliest Answer.


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