How do I learn about the general requirements and posting guidelines for questions and answers?

Great answers don't just answer the question, they also help members understand why and how you arrived at the answer. A great answer will be clear and use friendly, positive language without anything extra to distract from the answer itself. Here are a few guidelines for providing a great answer:

Answers the full question
Includes important details in separate paragraphs, if needed
Includes attachments if necessary

Has organized explanation and step-by-step instructions
Uses a structure that is specific to the subject and includes helpful formatting
Includes keywords from the question repeated in the answer

Is not copied from another member
Is not copied from any other source (like another website)
Does not link to any outside sources

Is factually correct
Includes correct spelling and grammar

Uses language that is kind and respectful of other Brainly members
Is written in an age-appropriate style

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