What do Moderators do?

On Brainly, we have a group of members called Moderators who perform actions like: 

  • asking users to correct answers
  • deleting answers and questions that do not adhere to posting guidelines
  • warning members who continually break the rules.

This is to ensure that all the questions and answers on Brainly are of the highest quality.

These actions are part of the moderation process and are frequently referred to as moderation actions.

When a Moderator decides to delete your question or answer, he or she will send you a reason for the action. The most common reasons for deleting questions or answers are:

  • Questions that are not related to a school subject, or are not clear and objective
  • Answers that are copied from other websites, sources, or users
  • Answers that are incorrect or contain errors
  • Comments that are added in improper places, such as in the answer fields

Moderators are also responsible for helping members understand how Brainly works!


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