Answering Guidelines

Great answers don't just answer the question, they also help members understand why and how you arrived at the answer. A great answer will be clear and use friendly, positive language without anything extra to distract from the answer itself. 

Here are a few guidelines for providing a great answer:


  • Answers the full question
  • Includes important details in separate paragraphs, if needed
  • Includes attachments if necessary


  • Has organized explanation and step-by-step instructions
  • Uses structure that is specific to the subject and includes helpful formatting
  • Includes keywords from the question repeated in the answer


  • Is NOT copied from another member
  • Is NOT copied from any other source (like another website)
  • Does NOT link to any outside sources


  • Is factually correct 
  • Includes correct spelling and grammar 
  • Is formatted correctly avoiding “filler phrases” 


  • Uses language that is kind and respectful of other Brainly members
  • Is written in an age-appropriate style
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