How many points does someone receive when they answer my question?

No matter how many points you use for a question, each person who answers will receive only half of that amount. If you choose one answer as the Brainliest Answer, that user gets an additional 25% of the point pool as a reward. And to thank you for giving feedback on your answers, you will get 25% of your points back as a reward.


Let’s illustrate this with the following example. The user CL3V3RG4L posts the question “What’s the capital city of the US?”. She allocates 40 points to this question.  Raj39 and SweetSussy both answer her question. This means that both Raj39 and SweetSussy will receive 20 points each. CL3V3RG4L then decides to award the Brainliest Answer to SweetSussy, who gets 10 points as a reward (25% of the original). CL3V3RG4L will also get 10 points back for having picked the Brainliest Answer.



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